First impressions
Presentations for large audiences
The art of persuasion is strongly made from the first impression you could be a graphic with a big and bold word or image with a surprisingly loud intro. We make presentations everyday of our lives, we just don't acknowledge it that way.

Nothing speaks louder or resonates deeper than a presentation with beautiful images and a striking soundtrack to draw you in. The art of presentation has a theatrical sense of excitement to me, it is a chance to engage my viewer with a WOW factor and create a connection with them and my message.

The Oscar's of the fashion industry, CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) called The Year of the Sneaker an important item in out lives for a good reason. We all wish to be as productive in them as we are in our "suits". The sneaker represents a item in everyone's wardrobe as an escape from the rigid formalities in our daily lives. It is well worn and provides a level of comfort we embrace as home, easy and flexible.

While the structured message of the giant corporate citizen Wal-Mart is aimed at engaging its customers with a renewed interest at living well. This is the purpose of the sales force sent into the field armed with the "new concept of HOME" to establish that goal.
 Council of Fashion Designers of America, CFDA
     40x40 audio / visual presentation at New York Lincoln Center

          Represent the top five sneaker companies equally
          Edit unreleased 30 second commercials
          Create original soundtrack to overlay on all commercials
          Art Direct photography of all apparel and sneakers from Nike, Adidas, Converse, Keds, Reebok
          Design graphics and composites for slide creation
          Animate graphic sequences to coincide with video presentation
     Deadline: 2 weeks
 Wal-Mart account executive initiative:
new product 30x40 screen presentation
          Create presentation of new product categories
          Edit product photography
          Design graphics to showcase each product category

          Maintain consistent contact with executive team to make last minute edits
          Deadline 1 week
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