It's more than just a product it's a lifestyle!
Lozi is a skin care brand born out of the need for a quality and affordable alternative to today's high priced products. Its more than just a product its a lifestyle, with LOZI products you learn more about your skin, health and how to enjoy a natural lifestyle.

The development of LOZI came soon after the tragic 911 chain of events. When the world was in
desperate need for something pure and natural. As the I delved deeper into the the idea of a lifestyle and the importance of good skin nutrition I cre
 ated messages that resonated with the void in skin care. We seem to take for granted the strength and resilience of our skin because its our armor. But it's not until we experience something that brings the vulnerability to the surface that we feel how important our skin is.
I was fortunate to work with a great group of entrepreneurs in their start-up ascent the experience really used all of my creative thinking, copywriting, logo development, layout and design. A nice piece to showcase the varied skills a designer must have in this business.
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