iOS App Design
A case study in retail app design
The Eddie Bauer brand is known to most north westerners but with the advancement of mobile retailing the brand garners a wider audience that other wise would not be informed of this 90 year old brand. Presented with the challenge to create an app that both sells the product and tells the history of the brand in as few clicks/taps as possible while keeping in line with the integrity of the product was tough to fit in such a small space.

Home screen opens with soundtrack of birds chirping, water wadding, men talking about catch.
Soundtrack mutes once text animates into position.
Soundtrack: people bustling about, sound bites reveal details of brand, example: "Did you see the special pockets for lies?" or "this has some sturdy construction to it!"
Soundtrack: Early morning sunrise, birds flying overhead, water splashing about as they are rowing across the lake.
Soundtrack: Dogs barking, Eddie shouting command to dogs to fetch!
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