Graphic Tee Program
The Eddie Bauer Graphic T- Program's aim was to tell the story of the 90 year old northwest native and capture the explosive t-shirt segment of the apparel industry. As part of the program I refreshed many of their logos with new techniques and emphasized the brand's EB initials. In order to accomplish creating a signature look I delved deep into the archives and transformed many of the vintage visuals that have been lost or forgotten by the public. 

As a step up from the usual merchandising of tees I designed the T-Shop wall within the flagship stores, using the vintage imagery to help brand and tell the story of Eddie and the outdoor lifestyle we know and hear about. My concept for the T-Shop was to display tees graphically in between the product and cap the who with branding images from EB archives.

The success of the T-Shop program led to a refreshing new look for the Eddie Bauer graphic tee shirt brand. In this snap shot I present the T-Shop in its early stages and the ensuing Graphical tees that later filled the stores and excited the customers.
The initial introduction of the T-Shop, lacking historical branding and customer appeal.
The new T-Shop direction with emphasis on the history of the brand and the outdoor lifestyle.
Remaining true to classic athletic this story reenforces the brand and its outdoor relationship with the iconic flying duck.
An update to the standard graphic, the name was embroidered over the flying duck.
This tee celebrates the American history of the great northwest.
As EB evolved so did its divisions, here the "CAB" logo is rendered softly as an embroidery.
In keeping with the evolution of the graphic program the Eddie Bauer name is rendered in distressed felt.
Eddie Bauer was known for his expertise in stringing tennis rackets and selling an assortment of sports gear among them the shuttlecocks.
The Eddie Bauer graphic tee with a modern update; jersey fabric and a homage to his birthday, Oct. 19.
A EB promotional tee to capture the story from his love of fishing an hunting.
The Sports Shop was well known in the northwest among traders, Indians, here it is captured in an updated logo. 
As legend tells it Eddie almost died on a fishing trip in the bush, his great love for fishing didn't stop him there. This series in the program highlights all the various forms of outdoor sports Eddie enjoyed in his lifetime.
The original Eddie Bauer Sports Shop sold fishing gear, this series pays homage to the shop and the various rivers of the northwest he might have fished at. It is uncertain which rivers he fished at because it was his best kept secret!
This series celebrates the history of the bush and the Yukon relationship of Eddie Bauer.
Eddie Bauer's first major client was the US government, during WW II he designed and manufactured the first down coats for the bomber pilots. The relationship with the armed forces extended into various forms and here it is captured as it highlights the relationship in its skiing mountain division at Sun Valley. The Bald Mountain as it was called was home to the 10th Mountain Division. This is were the US soldiers were trained in cold weather tactics wearing Eddie Bauer down products.
Mount Adams among many mountains of the northwest are rich in their history as a back drop to the Eddie Bauer legacy. This series commemorates their richness and highlights the various regions.nmerates their richness and highlights the various regions.
As the wilderness was home to Eddie and his adventures, this series brings to attention the Olympic National Park and the wildlife there.
The national park series continue with its spotlight on the American eagle.
Modern tastes require new interpretations to the outdoor theme, the bear an iconic visual for the EB brand here is partnered with an embroidered EB.
The Yukon was probably a highly frequented location for Eddie Bauer, as Alaska has a deep connection for the brand.
Another piece of the history of Eddie Bauer was his love for dogs, Black Labs. He became a champion breeder here in the northwest.
On another Return to Everest the Eddie Bauer brand conquers Sagarmatha again.
The Eddie Bauer  brand promotes MS awareness with its distinctive uniforms branding both the Eddie Bauer and First Ascent brands.
The Eddie Bauer brand promotes MS awareness with its distinctive uniforms branding both the Eddie Bauer and First Ascent brands.
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